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Increase your sales

Easily advertise your products on Google thanks to our automated Google Shopping integration

Selling through Google has never been easier

Google Shopping ads are set up very quickly. Simply choose your target group, select which products you want to advertise in your Clever Shops store and then start your campaign.
Google does not charge for displaying ads – only when clicked.

Fully automated advertising on Google

The marketing tool for e-commerce google

  • Easily set up new
Automatically display your products with images and prices when people search on Google
  • Complete control
Easily adjust your budget whenever you want. Pause or end your campaign at any time.
  • Only pay for results
Simple reports show you what works well. Moreover, you only pay when customers click through to your product.


To start with Google Shopping you only need a free Google Ads account and a free Google Merchant Center account. We will of course help you to set this up.
Advertising campaigns via Google are mostly automated thanks to Google’s Smart Campaigns. The Google Ads team also provides free telephone support and advice on how you can further optimise your campaign.
You can easily decide at any time which products or product categories you want to advertise online via Google.
All changes you make to your Clever Shops store can easily be synced with Google Shopping so that you can focus on your customers.

Questions about selling via Google Shopping?

Our specialists are available 24/7 with free advice. Do not hesitate to contact Kevin and our team by email or phone.

Kevin Munster
E-commerce Specialist